Monday, August 24, 2009

Finally Senior Project updates yeiii!



So Finally got some time to work on my senior project.:D hehe, So I pretty much went from having 4 props, to having a almost complete scene, that is only missing my main prop which I'm pretty much done concepting. All the stuff is now in unreal and I got some temp lighting that I still need to tweak as soon as I get my hero prop.:D.Not bad for a week
's worth of work...:P Now I got three weeks to finish my main prop and polish all this stuff to get it ready in time for GDC ;)! Tadau!

3DS Max render, final shot of the scene set up in max:

Ut3 render of scene:

Thumbnails and sketches of the main prop:

UT3 render with paint over of main prop:


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geeshin said...

wow dude, that is looking good! wish you had some larger views =\ good job anyhow!