Sunday, March 22, 2009



This is the Cogshire, a quiet gnome town, that's being contaminated by evil flowing in through a portal to the nightmare realm.

The Cogshire is a school project I led with my team (Team Excelsior), and we worked under the supervision of SOE (Sony Online Entertainment). This was the result of 9 weeks of hard work.

We are currently working on the second part of The Cogshire.

Team Excelsior:

Andres Rodriguez - lead 3D artist / lead designer / lead technical artist
Jimmy Barnnett - co-lead / QA (Quality Assurance) /modeller
Anthony Vaccaro - lead texture artist
Gene Pabalan - lead concept artist
Jeff Berry - modeller / concept artist
Lee Meza - modeller / technical artist
Randin Lambrecht - modeller


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